Monday, October 27, 2008

new side walks on Union St

God is here in the room

Saturday (October 25th) afternoon Ellen Reed, David Zimmel and I were out doing mission work on the south side. We knocked on a door and heard a "come in," in a loud and matter of fact voice. A six year old boy opened the door and the three of us entered the house. There was a middle aged woman on a computer, a young man on a couch against the far wall and a young woman sitting directly in front of us. The room was a bit smoky and the scene was a little chaotic. At least 5 teenagers lived in the house, some related to each other, some just friends; they came in and out of the room a fair number of times while we were there. We introduced ourselves and told them we were Christians out talking with neighbors about the Lord. David knelt down to ask the six year old boy if he know anything about Jesus. He said yes but didn't have many coherent thoughts to share, being only six years old. Now eye level with the young woman, David asked her if she knew God. "What, you mean personally," she said as a huge smile erupted across her face, "No that's scary!" Her grandmother said something like "it's not scary." David commented, "it might be a little scary." I asked her "well, you're smiling?" She said, "God's here in the room, that's scary." Her grandmother replied, "God's everywhere." The young women insisted, "God entered three people and they're in the room." Later in the conversation we talked about how all of us can know God personally, just like friends know one another and she seemed to be listening the whole time. The conversation jumped around a bit (which isn't unusual in chaotic mission situations), but the Lord really showed up. Four of the teenagers in the room want bibles and seem to be open to us returning to talk to them. Glory to God, he was certainly in the room.