Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Headache Healed

On Thursday, Rus, Ellen and I walked across the cat walk, hoping to bring a bible to a group of teenagers some of the missionaries had recently been talking to. After stomping through a bunch of snow, we made it to the intended door; a girl named Lacy and one of her friends let us in. As we stood in the kitchen, the conversation found its way to "important things in our life", and how we can tell what's important to us by what we do. Lacy mentioned that medicine was important, that she takes her medicine every day. We asked her what she takes medicine for; she replied "lung disease." Moments later we learned she has cystic fibrosis. "You know, God can heal you of that, Lacy," Rus said. We began to tell her a story of Jesus healing a man with leprosy, taking the time to describe the disease (she didn't really know what it was).

As Rus was speaking, chaos, which had been building up over the past minutes in the background, broke out. Some kids were throwing snowballs at the house and Lacy's mom Dawn had had enough. Dawn had a stroke several years back and sometimes has trouble communicating smoothly; she was attempting to get the snowballers to stop. Lacy, her friend and the three of us went back into the house and tried to see if there was anything to do for Dawn. She was very upset, to the point where she didn't look like she could handle anything else. As we sat on the couch, Ellen stroked her arm and she started crying. She told to us that she had a really bad headache and couldn't stop shaking.

We told Dawn, similarly as we had to Lacy, that God could take her headache away and give her peace. "Do you think God can do that?" we asked. "I dunno, I dunno" she replied. We told a story of a women whose back had been healed this past summer when missionaries prayed with her; the woman had screws in her back and wasn't able to bend down. After praying her pain was gone and she could bend and reach the floor, which had been impossible before. We asked dawn again if she thought God could heal her; with increased faith, she answered "yes, yes."

"What's your pain at now, Dawn, one to ten?" Rus asked, to which Dawn replied "a ten." Rus, Ellen and I began to pray over Dawn, with Lacy and her friend watching. As we prayed she seemed to become more peaceful. "What's your pain at now?" "a nine" she replied. We asked if we could pray again, explaining how Jesus sometimes did miracles in two steps like with the blind man at Bethsaida. She let us. As we prayed I asked for the faith of Jesus, as Smith Wigglesworth had done in a story the women missionaries had recently read together. After we finished, we asked her how the pain was. "It's gone, the headache's gone," a huge smile, with joy, peace and relief spread across her face. She had also stopped shaking. Laughter broke out as we praised the Lord and thanked him for the miracle. Lacy had a "I can't believe it look on her face." "Are you serious mom, is your headache really gone or did you make it up?" she asked. She asked several times and her mom continued to reply, "yes, it's gone."

The Lord used the confusion that interrupted our conversation with Lacy about healing to give her a live example, proof of his love and healing power. He sent us over to the house both to talk with Lacy and to pray with Dawn. Jesus showed Lacy how he heals, better than we could show her by telling a story. After God healed Dawn, Lacy let us pray with her for her CF. We must keep praying for and with her until she's healed. Come Lord Jesus, increase Lacy's faith, and heal her!