Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pit Healed

Last Thursday Ellen Putzier, Claire and I walked by the house of a woman who Ellen knew from last summer. We hadn't been back to her all winter. This lady used to be a Christian, but stopped talking to the Lord when she miscarried a baby 3 years ago. Last year Ellen talked with her about how the Lord didn't want the baby to die, and it wasn't his fault, but she had not changed her mind about talking to the Lord.

As we approached the house, Ellen said she would like to go up and see how this woman was doing. We knocked on the door and when she opened the door, there were two dogs going crazy in the background and the lady was crying. She explained "I'm sorry I'm crying, my pit bull Titus is really sick, he's got a cough and I've been up all night with him." The dog was indeed coughing, or more like gagging (and even throwing up) in the background. He's an 11 month old pit, black, beautiful and really big. Before we knocked she was looking on the internet to see how to help him, and was worried he might die from the cough (I guess some dogs die from kennel cough, which is what he had). It was clear we weren't going to be able to have a very long conversation with this woman in the current configuration and the thought jumped into my head that we should pray with her dog for healing. I asked her and she said that would be great. We went inside and prayed over the dog, laying our hands on him as he jumped around, in the front entrance of the house.

At the end of the prayer the dog stopped hacking. In the available peace (the dog was still running around and jumping on us but it wasn't coughing) we had a chance to catch up with the woman; it was clear she was still not talking to the Lord. We told her that the distance between her and the Lord was something that she could choose to end, she could get right with God that day. We asked her if that was something she wanted, and she replied, "how do I do it?" We all got on our knees, repented of our sin, and she gave her life to the Lord. Glory to God. We spent about a half an hour talking about how to start getting to know the Lord again, while Titus and her other dog lay on the carpet as we petted them. Titus did not cough at all during that half an hour. Then I said, "The Lord seems to have healed your dog, he hasn't coughed at all since we prayed." At that point the dog coughed three times. Ellen Putzier said determinedly, "Satan, you are not going to take our faith away!" We prayed over the dog a second time and it did not cough the rest of the time we were there. Thank you Lord. The woman was thrilled we came by, both because the dog was healed and she was right with the Lord again after 3 years. She said several times while we were there, "I'm glad you came." This mission encounter, the Lord healing the dog and then a taken opportunity for this woman to commit her life to the Lord, really moved me. The Lord loves each of us so personally, he'll do the craziest things to meet us where we're at, like healing a pit bull. Thank you Lord Jesus.


Anne Z said...

Thanks for taking the time to share such an encouraging story. You three really seized an opportunity for grace and the Lord blessed it. Praise God!

Liz said...

A few missionaries went back to this woman this past week and her dog was still totally fine, Praise God!